MDLC Wednesday Night Learning 


Read Write Now

Do you or a friend need to get better at reading, writing, spelling or numbers?

Wednesday 6.30pm - 9.00pm

7th February  - 27th June

Fee: $100 (Concession $70)



Basic Computers

Want to start at the beginning? This course is for learners who have basic computer skills and are ready to learn more with step by step instructions.

Wednesday 6.30pm - 9.00pm

7th February - 27th June

Fee: $100 (Concesson $70)


These classes are funded by Learn Local. We require proof of Australian citizenship. Course Fees: $50 ($30 Tuition, $10 Amenities, $10 Resources). Those who have a government pension or concession card will only pay the regular tuition fee for their first course each calendar year. Then all subsequent courses will incur no further tuition fees. Amenities and resources fees not subject to concessions.



One to One Tutoring Program

This program is designed to support adults in the community who struggle with reading, writing and basic math and for a range of reasons may have barriers to attending a classroom based program. Tutors and program participants meet for up to two hours per week to work on the student’s literacy and numeracy skills. 

Annual registration fee: $40

Call  MDLC on 9758 7859 for further information.


Mountain District Learning Centre is a proud member of the Knox Learning Alliance.