How to enrol in a course at Mountain District Learning Centre

Mountain District Learning Centre is constantly offering a variety of courses and activities.

Enroling in a course at MDLC is a two step process. You are required to pay for the course and fill out the correct enrolment form. For details see below.

Paying for courses

MDLC online store (below) enables you to pay for your desired course online, using PayPal. Please note that additional information about enrolments and our refund policy can be found at the bottom of every page. If you would prefer to pay in person or over the phone please feel free to contact MDLC.

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Enrolment forms

Enrolment forms are available to download as PDFs at the bottom of every page. Please ensure you fill in the correct enrolment form. You can check which enrolment form to fill in by selecting the course you'd like to enrol in below. If you are still unsure please feel free to contact MDLC for assistance.

Downloading the course guide as a PDF

If you would prefer to browse MDLC's courses offline you can download a PDF copy of the course guide here, or visit MDLC for a hard copy.

Popular classes

  • This course covers the rules of debits & credits (double entry accounting), financial statements, cash & accrual methods, stock control, important journal entries, the GST and BAS returns, and other essentials for small business.
    $ 90.00
    $ 90.00
    Do you want to develop the skills and knowledge to us Xero Accounting? This Course is designed to teach you from the beginning with step by step instructions.
    $ 50.00
    $ 50.00
    The next step in using Excel, take your skills to the next level with intermediate Microsoft Excel.
    $ 80.00
    $ 80.00

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